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Do I have to answer these questions?​

The information you provide in this application for membership will assist us to communicate with you. Should you choose to submit an incomplete form, processing your application may be delayed and the quality of our service to you may be affected.

Your privacy protected

This information will be stored securely. The information you provide will be used to process your application for membership and only used or disclosed for the following purposes:

  • general administration relating to communication with you

  • reporting purposes for funding applications and similar

  • for any other purpose required by law.

You may access or correct any personal information by contacting the Secretary. If you have a concern or complaint about the way your personal information has been collected, used, or disclosed, you should contact the Secretary.


Taking photographs of you can constitute a collection of your personal information. Occasionally photographs are taken of individuals and groups of individuals at the garden and are used to help promote the garden. We will seek your permission to disclose your identity or publish other information about you.

Your Privacy

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