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Calendar and events

Garden Opening Times


Saturday from 10:00am, Sunday from 3.30pm and Wednesday from 3.30pm.


The Garden is opened by our members on weekends and Wednesday afternoons for at least one hour. Members can tend their gardens, water their plants and harvest their crops at these times


Generally, the first Saturday of each month is a working day to carry out common garden-wide activities such as mowing, weeding gardens, tidying community areas or other activities to maintain our special place.


From time to time we hold special events outside of these times. Check the Calendar and Newsletters for more detail.


Members may apply to the Committee for a key to open the garden during daylight hours after a four (4) month probationary period.

Annual Garden Open Day and Plant Sale


Our Garden Open Day and Plant Sale is held each year on the first Saturday after the October school holidays.

This is our major fundraising event where we sell plants and seedlings, cakes, jams and pickles, craft items and preloved goods. Barbecued food, refreshments and Devonshire teas are also available.


The funds raised are used to buy items and materials for the garden. In recent years we have used these funds to upgrade garden plot edges and to buy the greenhouse and storage sheds.

Annual Meeting


Our annual meeting is held each year on the first Saturday of December. 


Our end of year get together follows with a shared barbecue dinner.

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