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Membership Application Form

April 2011


The Wentworthville Community Garden is open to residents and ratepayers from the Holroyd Local Government Area. Applications from residents and community groups adjoining the Holroyd Local Government Area may be considered at the discretion of the Committee.


New Memberships are on the basis of admission to the Garden community and approved by the Committee. Garden plot allocation is a separate fee. Renewal of annual Garden Membership fees are to be paid to the Treasurer on or by 1 April. Any Memberships which remain unpaid after 30 April will be deemed to have expired and the Member will be asked to return their key (if one was issued) and exclude themselves from the Garden. Non-financial Members are not entitled to vote or be elected to any Committee. Membership of the Garden is arranged by filling out a Membership Application Form, agreeing to abide by the rules in the Handbook and by paying an annual Membership fee.


Membership of the Garden entitles the Member to participate in Gardening activities, request a standard sized Garden plot and to voting rights at the Annual General Meeting. A standard Garden plot is generally 2.4m x 1.2m in size.


Junior Membership is available for adolescents who have not reached the age of eighteen who may wish to join the Garden. Junior Members do not have any voting rights.


Garden plots are allocated on a “first come first serve” basis and are allocated on the basis of one plot per household (irrespective of the number of Memberships held) once the plot fee is paid. A request for a Garden plot can be made at any time but is always subject to availability.


All new Members must commit to a four (4) month probationary period during which time, a Garden key will not be issued. After the probationary period, if the Committee feels the Member has demonstrated the necessary responsibility, a key will be issued on payment of the key deposit.


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Key Application Form

January 2011

Every Garden Member is entitled to one key following a 4 month qualifying period and approval by the Committee.


All keys are issued by the Key Registrar on the approval of the Committee and each key holder has personal responsibility for the safekeeping of that key. Any losses or misplacements must be reported to the Key Registrar. Lost keys will be replaced on payment of a non-refundable fee set annually by the Committee. Re-occuring loss of keys by any Member will be reviewed by the Committee.


A Key Register is maintained by the Key Registrar. All keys to be signed in and out by the appointed Key Registrar and the Garden Member allocated or returning keys.


Garden Members with keys can access the garden during daylight hours not dawn or dusk. This would be 8:00 am to 7:00 pm during Spring and Summer and 9:00 am to 5:00 pm during Autumn and Winter. Probationary Members (Members who have not completed 4 months qualifying period) will access the Garden at times set by the Committee subject to seasonal variation, normally Wednesday PM, Saturday AM and PM and Sunday PM.


The responsibility for opening and closing the Garden facilities is the personal responsibility of the Garden Member(s).


Members attending the Garden during times when it is permissible to water using Sydney Water resources need to arrange with all Gardeners present to assist with watering of the individual and shared Gardens as indicated.


When Garden Members vacate the Garden site, the last Member must ensure that the Garden container, shed and gates are locked and all tools and equipment are returned to the Garden container.


Should a Garden Member resign or otherwise leave the Garden Membership for whatever reason, the key must be returned to the Key Registrar.


Garden keys remain the personal responsibility of the Garden Member assigned to that key. The key must not in any circumstances be transferred to another person whether a Member of the Garden or not.


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WCG Member Re-imbursement Form

January 2011

Use this form to apply for garden related expenses. Approved expenditure is able to be processed faster.


Remember! Unapproved costs up to $20.00 may be claimed by members and unapproved costs up to $50.00 for Committee members.


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Guiding Principles for Shared Gardens

February 2012


Shared gardens are a shared resource that may have permanent plantings or crops for special purposes.


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Wentworthville Community Garden Handbook

December 2010


The Wentworthville Garden Handbook provides the detail for the daily operation of the garden.


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Wentworthville Community Garden - s355 Committee Constitution

December 2010

The purpose of the Garden Committee established under Section 355 of the Local Government Act 1993 is to provide care, control and management of Council’s Community Garden and facilities in accordance with the policies and procedures adopted from time to time by Council.


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