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Planning our Garden


Our Garden is located in the Lytton Street Park which is part of the Finlaysons Creek Linear Park Network. Holroyd City Council has legislative responsibility for planning, developing and managing this network of parks.


Planning, developing and managing the facilities within our Garden is the repsonsibility of the Garden's s355 Committee.

Wentworthville Community Garden Development Plan
Finlayson's Creek Plan of Management

The Committee periodically surveys members for advice on the facilities and priorities for improving the Garden.


The development plan is prioritised by the s355 Committee considering the appropriateness and cost of suggestions from members.

The Finlaysons Creek Linear Park Network Plan of Management was commissioned by Holroyd City Council in 2003 and was undertaken by Landscape Architectural consultants Environmental Partnership. This plan of management updates a previous plan prepared by EDAW (1997), with additions aimed at:

  • meeting the requirements of the Local Government Amendment (Community Land Management) Act 1998; and

  • consideration of proposed community garden use.


The main objective of this Plan of Management (POM) is to guide the future management and development of parks within the Finlaysons Creek Linear Park Network (FCLPN) in accordance with the legislative requirements of the Local Government Act, taking account of community expectations and the resources available to Holroyd City Council.

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