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Garden Agreement

As a Garden member I understand that:

  • my involvement at the Garden and the opportunity to use my garden plot is a privilege, not a right

  • my participation at the Garden is at my own risk and that I need to be responsible for my actions. Neither the Wentworthville Community Garden Committee nor the Holroyd City Council will be liable for any injury to me, any friends that I may invite, nor for the loss of any of my possessions.

  • if I do not pay my membership fee on or before 1st April, I will forfeit my right to attend the Garden and use a garden plot

  • my allocated garden plot is for my use only and that I may not transfer the use of my plot to any other person

  • I am required to assist with the maintenance of communal / shared spaces

  • I must gain approval for the planting of new plants in communal / shared spaces before proceeding

  • I will forfeit my right to use a plot if I do not tend to my garden plot for two (2) months

  • I must not use non-standard garden materials, plant or cause to be planted any plants outside of my allocated plot nor construct any extensions to my plot that may impede the walkways.

I agree to:

  • follow the Garden procedures and member conduct as set out in the Wentworthville Community Garden Handbook and agree to undertake Garden and Safety Induction Programs

  • sign on and off when I arrive and leave the Garden. Any visitors I bring to the garden will sign in and out

  • respect the rights and opportunities of other Garden members

  • contribute to the weeding, watering and general maintenance of the Garden as far as I am reasonably capable of

  • water according to the Sydney Water guidelines

  • be responsible for the supervision of any child/ren I bring to the Garden

  • be responsible for the supervision of any dogs I bring to the Garden. I will keep them on a lead, scoop up any droppings and dispose of such droppings off the Garden site

  • notify the Garden Committee if I will be absent for a period exceeding two (2) months or if I change my address

  • use organic gardening methods at the Garden

  • not store any materials at the Garden and carry away my rubbish and dispose of it off the Garden site.

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